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Company Introduction

Company History
Mack Electrical began back in 1982,but the seeds were planted in 1972,when Mr. Bob Yuan HSIAO,a well respected businessman from Taiwan,had the vision of bringing together his thoughts,theories and experiences from many successful years of business as a founding President with a number of different companies who were involved in the low voltage electrical manufacturing sector.
Mack Electrical today is one of the top three suppliers of low voltage products in Taiwan,has its own marketing and sales channels,and is a solely private business. The focus of this business is in the field of Low Voltage Electrical Apparatus with an ongoing development of products in the area of Push Buttons,Terminal Blocks, Tower Lights and Power Section Switches. Mack has obtained globally recognized certificates including ISO9001, UL,CSA,CE and CCC. This certification,together with maintaining a high level of Quality Assurance,has allowed Mack products to be widely used in major construction projects in very prestigious and important industries,both in the domestic and export sectors. Mack currently operates from its new 5000 square meter factory in the ZhangZhou Development Zone,Fujian Province, with the capacity for large scale production,a highly skilled workforce,and "state of the art" machinery allowing for high quality and fast turn-around of production needs. Mack contracts necessary expertise from overseas in order to provide both domestic and international customers with the best possible products and services. Mr. Mark HSIAO,the eldest son of the founder,is the President of Mack Electrical operations in ZhangZhou and has been involved with the business for over 25 years. Mack is constantly working on developing products to fill a void in the market in addition to specifically targeting the export market sector.

Company Core Values
MACK ELECTRICAL adheres to the following Core Values:- 
  Personal and Professional Working Relationships
  Complete Trust and Respect for each person on Our Team
  Quality IS our Business

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